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Frequently Asked Questions
These are some common questions that I have been asked.

Q. Where is your office located?
A.   I work out of my home, which is located between Oskaloosa and Beacon.

Q. Do you take credit cards?
A  No -  Cash or Checks are welcome though.

Q. Do we have to pay when we drop the computer off?
A.  No, just pay me when you pick your computer up.  However, if expensive parts are needed
I might require payment in advance for the parts before I order them.

Q.  Can you come to my house to work on the computer?
A.  I can, although I do have to charge extra and will often bring the computer back to the office
if the repair is going to take too long.

Q. Do you do warranty work for Dell or anybody else.?
A.  I am not an authorized service center for any other manufactures at this time.  I would
suggest you call the number for your computer warranty to find out where to take it for
warranty work.

Q. My computer is under warranty, but I don't want the hassle of dealing with them.  Can I hire
you to take care of it?
A. Yes, I have done that a few times.

Q. My computer won't even start.  Can you save my pictures, Emails, etc?
A. As long as the hard drive itself isn't bad, I can usually save your pictures, documents, etc.

Q. Do you charge by the hour?
A.  No, I just have a flat fee for the labor.  Any parts needed would be extra, but I would check
with you before ordering or installing anything.

Q. Do you work on MacIntosh/Apple computers?
A. No, I haven't had enough people ask for this to justify the time and money to properly work
on them.  

Q. Do you fix monitor or printers?
A. No, although sometimes people will bring them here so I can hook them up and verify they
are bad.

Q. Do you buy or sell computers?
A.  No.  I do not buy or sell computers.

Q. Do you sell computer parts?
A.  I occasionally sell parts if I happen to have them on hand.  I do not order parts for resale
and cannot accept returns on parts sold.

Q. How do I know if my computer is worth fixing?
A.  For $20 I offer a diagnostic, which tells you what the problem is and how much it would
cost to fix.

Q.  Can you fix my computer now and I pay you later when I have the money?
A.  No.  I've had too many people not pay me, so I no longer offer that as an option.

Q. Do you design web sites?
A.  No.  I am not proficient enough in that area to do it on a professional basis.  

Q. I can't get into my Hotmail account.  Can you reset my password?
A.  No, Email such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail handle everything on the Email web site.  
There is nothing I can do to reset the password so you can log back in.

Q. I don't like the version of Windows that is on my computer.  Can you put a different version
A. If drivers are available and you purchase a legal license for your computer for the version of
Windows you want then I can do that.

Q. Do you fix Ipads?  Not yet, but I am getting the equipment necessary to do so.  I will change
this when I am ready to offer this service.